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Classes and group sessions

Take Action Personal Training offer a range of different classes, suitable for all levels and ability of fitness, regardless of age.

  Class Name What is it? When is it Who is it for
  Red Diamond Muay Thai Academy Muay Thai is the art of 8 limbs, where we use all 8 weapons, kicks, knees, punches and elbows.

Wednesday 7.30pm / 9.30pm - Friday 7pm / 9pm and invite only Sunday morning 10am / 12pm

Classes are for 14years +
  Junior Red Diamond Muay Thai Academy A mixed class for children (under 16) teaching Muay Thai Wednesday's 4-9 years 4.15pm
10-14 years 5pm
Muay Thai is for anyone that wants to train hard, get in great shape and that wants to be part of a successful team.
  Extreme Conditioning

It does what is says on the tin, it is extreme! The workouts change week by week, and no two sessions are ever the same.

We use kettlebells, boxes, hammers, ropes, tyres, sleds, med balls you name it!

This class is an excellent way to burn some serious calories and get fitter and stronger than you ever thought!

Mondays 7-8pm These gym based sessions are for 16 years + and are at EP gym Banbury.
  Boot Camp

The Take Action Boot Camp is a great way to kick start your Saturday morning, training outside in the Sunshine, with fresh air and a buzzing atmosphere.

I like to keep my guys working hard and enthusiastic so no 2 weeks are ever the same!

Each week the workouts change!

We use kettle bells, boxes, hammers, ropes, tyres, sleds, med balls you name it, but all outside.

Saturday mornings 8am/9am at kings Sutton playing fields. This class is a great way to burn calories, get in great shape and exercise in the fresh air.
  Hit Fit

Hit fit is a high intensity interval training programme that works the whole body in just 45mins and each person works at their own speed.

Monday evenings 6.15pm at EP Gym unit 6 &7 Riverside Business Park, Tramway Road, Banbury OX17 5TU Anyone looking to get in great shape, release some stress and burn fat without the contact side of martial arts should give it a try.