Take Action Personal Training

Client Testimonials

"Started Muay Thai training with Rob in February, since then I now started doing his strength and conditioning sessions, boot camp and also take PT sessions! It's always hard work but each time you know you're a step closer to your goals. Rob will push you but will give every minute of your work back to you in planning great and varied sessions every time. My favourite part is that he really gets the struggle, no judgement, only encouragement!"

Natércia Rodrigues

"Went along last Saturday to boot camp and bloody loved it, well maybe not at the time but felt good for it after! Really knows his stuff cheers Rob"

Richard Neat

"Rob has kindly given his time to help the squad at Banbury boxing club a few times now. The lads always respond well to his training methods and always say how much they enjoy his sessions after, even though it's generally an hour of pain haha. Always professional and his input/insight on strength and conditioning , endurance techniques etc always appreciated. Highly recommend."

Ivor Malcher

"Very helpful for my diet whilst fight training!!"

Daniel McGowan

"done quite a few sessions now he kills me every time, in a good way of course well worth every penny"

Lavinia Edwards