Take Action Personal Training

Take Action Personal Training

Rob Allen rob@takeactionpt.com

My name is Robert Allen, and I founded Take Action Personal Training back in 2014.

Take Action Personal Training is based in Banbury, on the borders of Northampton, Warwickshire, and Oxfordshire.

My journey into the fitness world began back in 2009 when I first stepped into a local boxing gym in the hope to lose some weight and get in shape.

I was formerly 18.5 stone in weight (around 117kg) leading a pretty poor and unhealthy lifestyle, eating bad foods, drinking, smoking, etc. but I knew it was now time to change.

I began with boxing, then turned to mixed martial arts (MMA) and then after some time found my real love for Muay Thai, in 2011 I had my first professional Muay Thai fight, I had turned my life around and was in great shape and loving it!

I thought to myself I want to help others achieve their goals and dreams, so I started with studying sports science at college alongside a job at a gym as a fitness instructor.

I then progressed my skills and knowledge with my level 3 personal training course and started to help others in achieving their goals for weight loss and fitness.

Very quickly I realised I had so much to offer others so I became my own boss in 2014 when take action was born, I took on more clients and began to teach the great art of Muay Thai to others.

I now have a large client base of personal training clients, for a range of goals and reasons from weight loss to muscle building and everything in between.

I do a lot of strength and conditioning work with high-level athletes; I train some UK top ranked Pro Muay Thai fighters for fights, some am MMA and TKD fighters that are both competing at the world championships.

I have my own Muay Thai gym called Red Diamond Academy where I train beginners through to active fighters.

I offer 1-2-1 personal sessions, small groups, or large classes, for fitness, weight loss, Muay Thai, boxing, self-defense and strength and conditioning.


Level 3 qualified personal trainer
Level 3 in sport nutrition
Strength and Conditioning coach
Professional Muay Thai fighter
2 X WRSA area titles 79kg and 82kg

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